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Bengaluru-based Florus is an advisory company specializing in offering its clients strategy and market development assistance, thus unlocking their dreams and helping them reach a newer height.

Florus is home to the finest minds with a clear vision, understanding, and experience in the field of business strategy, and market development in developing nations that are standing at the threshold of development.

With its founding partners’ background in the field of strategy and market development and backed by over 50 man-years of experience, Florus offers a bouquet of services that puts business strategies and market development into its perspective. Florus primarily focuses on project identification & development in industrial as well as infrastructure projects.
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Industrial Sector

Food Processing Sector, Dairy Industry, Cement Industry, Steel Industry

Renewable Energy Sector

Solar PV plant, waste to energy.

Healthcare Sector

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Educational Information Technology Sector

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Soft and Hard Commodities

Sectors Where We Work Work Work Work Work Work Work

Overall development can be achieved by progress in the industrial as well as infrastructure segments. Florus serves sectors that are deemed to be of highest importance for a nation and are as follows:

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Project Management

Florus takes pride in its ability to see market gaps as opportunities and convert them into viable business that not only has an overall social impact but also serves the nation in stemming the outflow of the hard currency. It has been the forte of the founding partners’ of Florus, and it encompasses the following sub-services: –

Achieving Unprecedented Success!

Team Florus is a self-propelled team of professionals with an experience of over 50 man-years in international business.

The experience has given the team Florus the ability to empathize with the market’s need and ideate it into a viable strategy before presenting it to the stakeholders for their views and further developing it into a logical solution.

Besides business strategy and market development, the team Florus has got a good understanding of shipping and logistics.

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In addition to our advisory services, we place a strong emphasis on education. We believe that empowering our clients with knowledge and
One key strategy that has emerged as a game-changer is the utilization of advisory services.
But we don't stop at providing you with information. We believe in turning insights into action and making a tangible difference in your financial outlook.
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